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Calendar jbc:2890 German
Das Dschungel Buch 2
Das Dschungel Buch 2
by: Duplo und hanuta (Kinder)

10 Jungle book stickers (issued with Kinder chocolate bars in germany) and a poster to stick them on.
size of cover is A4

source: eBay

Calendar jbc:2069 English
The Jungle Book
The Jungle Book, 1942
year: 1942

calendar as a gift from Producer Alexander Korda also of
Elephant Boy and The Theif of Bagdad. He was also Sabu's guardian.
Measures approx. 8" x 8".
Each month is a photo of scenes from The Jungle Book.

source: eBay

Calendar jbc:3967 English
The Muppet Babies
Storybook Calendar 1990
The Muppet Babies, Storybook Calendar 1990
by: Muppet Press / Longmeadow Press
year: 1989

The Muppet Babies Storybook Calendar 1990 is a companion calendar to Muppet Babies' Classic Children's Tales released in the same year.
April: The Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling - Animal as Mowgli in the jungle with exotic animals.

See also jbc:3966 and jbc:3988

Calendar jbc:2249
The Disney Channel
1992 Calendar
The Disney Channel, 1992 Calendar
year: 1992

Originally distributed as a promotional item for "The Disney Channel" cable-television network.

Calendar measures 10.5 x 13.25 folded, or 13.25 x 21 when hanging on a wall as a calendar.
This calendar includes twelve full-color scenes from the movie, each 10.5 x 13.25 in size (each suitable for framing) a removable "pop-up" insert
featuring the main "Jungle Book" characters.

source: eBay

Calendar jbc:2030 German
Das Dschungelbuch
Der Kalender für 1995
Das Dschungelbuch, Der Kalender für 1995
by: Disney
year: 1995

32 x 29 cm

source: eBay

Calendar jbc:1059
Disney's Animated Film Classics
Disney's Animated Film Classics
year: 1997 Calendar

The Sword and the Stone,
101 Dalmations,
The Hunchback of Notre Dame,
Mickey and the Beanstalk,
Winnie the Pooh,
Sleeping Beauty,
The Little Mermaid,
The Jungle Book,
Toy Story,
Oliver and Company,
Peter Pan,
Mickey's Christmas Carol.

Calendar jbc:3373
Cross Stitch Calendar 2003
Disney, Cross Stitch Calendar 2003
year: 2003

The designs are -
Ariel - stitch count 120h x 146w,
Belle (Beauty and the Beast) - stitch count 138h x 134w,
Lion King - stitch count 134h x 167w,
Jungle Book - stitch count 132h x 174w.
The calendar includes a full colour picture of each completed design.

source: eBay

Calendar jbc:2425
The Classic Disney Movies 2004 Calendar
The Classic Disney Movies 2004 Calendar
by: Portico Designs Ltd
year: 2004

October: Mowgli and Junior

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