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Saturday January 19, 2013

Hope this is relative here, but for interest available, there is an English translated comic page of "Pyrenee" that can be found here:


Saturday October 27, 2012

Good day. I really like your website - what a lot of stuff on it. I have not had a chance to look at all of it yet. I am a collector of all sorts of things, but mostly toys. I grew up in South Africa in the 1970's and can remember Jungle Book items (from cardboard) that could pop out and then one could place or hand them on a pop up stand (I think). I recently got hold of a few of the cards. They have written on themL The Jungle Book, Caltex, Boron (all on the front) and Walt Disney Production, Prov Pat No 72/7121 (at the back). A character is displayed (both teh front and the back of the character), which can then be popped out. My questions: can you tell me more about these cards, e.g. how many are in the set, where could one look to buy them, where can one find the stand (or even just a picture of it)? I hope you can assist in some way - any information will be appreciated. Many thanks, my best regards, craig

Craig Pannell

Thursday October 11, 2012

Please disregard my post of Dec. 21, 2011. The e-book I self-published called Evangelizing Mowgli has been deleted from Lulu, significantly revised, and I am seeking a publisher for this new version. (If my earlier post can be deleted, all the better to avoid any confusion. Thanks!)

done :) -- Marc

James Penrice

Wednesday September 12, 2012

Nice to browse this site, Actually i was searching the Characters of Jungle books.
I would like to suggest here a huge collection of "Jungle Book" :

Scott Leger

Wednesday September 12, 2012

Nice to browse this site, Actually i was searching the Characters of Jungle books.
I would like to suggest here a big collection of "Jungle Book" :

Scott Leger

Saturday March 24, 2012

Articles not related to the Jungle Book will be removed from this guestbook

Sorry to the RSS feed readers who get most messages before I removed them.

I will remove guestbook entries from the feed later this weekend. This way you will miss new guestbook entries but also the spam.


Friday March 9, 2012

Nice to know this site.Wow how the world has progressed!
When I was a child there was this contest where we had to collect the inner parts of metal caps of soft drinks that had images of Mowgli and his friends.We had to collect them and stick them on a book.
Keep up the good work.

Kiron Manuel

Monday November 14, 2011


Do you know of any website in Italy where you can buy the entire series of the Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli? been searching online but been unable to find one.

;amy thanks


Sunday July 31, 2011

I am about to list a full set of 6 Disney Jungle Book Oily jigglers on ebay. I thought you might want to know.

Sue Fox

Friday May 20, 2011

Mowgli Hate's Diapers Here is the link to my "Mowgli Hate's Diapers" drawing that you can add to your Queue:


Monday May 16, 2011

I recently came across your site, and noted Jennifer Jones' contribution concerning the Mary Bacon Jones designed set. Interestingly, I have an incomplete set of the plates (specifically, 10 of the 12 plates produced. Ms. Jones noted that she knew of 5 sets--so I guess my set almost makes it 6? Does Ms. Jones know how many sets were produced? Great site by the way--still remember my grandfather reading to me from the jungle Book when I was young...!

T K Thorson

Thursday April 7, 2011

I made some "Mowgli Sketches" a few years ago, based from the Anime series, that mostly is done for the sake of anatomy practice.
Hopefully, these link will work:

Mowgli sketches Hi DTWX,

The links in your message did not work (and hereby removed)
I added a link to the proper yahoo group at your page in the wiki (DTWX)



Sunday March 20, 2011


Wednesday January 19, 2011


Ik ben op zoek naar de video van mowgli (shonen mowgli) in het nederlands, de eerste afleveringen. Ik zag hem hier ook al op de site staan maar kan hem niet echt vinden op het internet waar ik hem kan kopen. Heb jij misschien een tip? Ik zou hem echt heel graag willen. Dankje!

Hi Ellen,

Helaas heb je geen email adres ingevuld, dus kan ik je deze link niet mailen. Maar mogelijk lees je dit toch.
Op marktplaats staat iets aangeboden, (indien niet inmiddels verkocht)
Indien niet meer beschikbaar, zoek op of
Koninginnedag is met alle vrijmarkten natuurlijk ook een goed moment om de ogen open te houden.



Tuesday December 7, 2010

I'm sorry Jenn, I do not have the DVD. I decided not to get the DVD. However, I think you maybe able to buy it here....

If not you can watch the show for free at this website...

I hope I have helped you.


Thursday December 2, 2010

hi Cameron
i would love the english version of the Shonen mowgli tv series. please let me knowthe price & shiping. for canada


Saturday September 11, 2010

I found another website for to consider on the Jungle Book: Shonen Mowgli page.

It's an Indian website, but supposedly they sell the series in English.

Here's the address:


Friday June 11, 2010

who is Lala's mother in the "shonen mowgli" ?

johny bill

Friday April 2, 2010


I really enjoy this page. Do you know if there exists one for the lion king? Otherwise I was thinking of starting one, and I'd love some tips on how you got it all organized.


Thursday January 7, 2010

I thought i would get in contact with you as i am listing a Huntley and Palmers Jungle Book tin on e-bay that you do not appear to have in your collection.
I came across your site while doing some research on the item and thought you might be interested.
Kind regards. ab_dabs2007

Hi Abbie,
Thanks for your info,
One was already available at jbc:1256, the other is added now as jbc:4513


Abbie Taylor

Sunday November 8, 2009

Hi !

I am unable to find the dvd set in the italian site ! Could you please help me? It is not in amazon also :(

Hi Sandeep,
Try a search at and use search term like "Libro della Giungla dvd"...
It is possible to store your search and get an email automatically as soon as product becomes available (see the article "Ebay Source" in my wiki)



Wednesday September 9, 2009

Can you please help me to find invites,napkins,etc for a 1 yr old Bithday Party!! THANK YOU,


Saturday April 25, 2009

Hello, I have a new page on yahoo group, Akela's Place, and I'm putting up all of my Mowgli Sketches work on there like I did with DeviantArt.
Here is the link for the gallery section:

If you would like to host a page on here to showcase my work, that would be nice also.

DW13 (aka DTWX)

Sunday April 19, 2009


Great resource, thank you. I am hoping you might be able to help me with a bit of information that amazon, ebay etc isn't offering. I'm looking for a read along CD book for my son (he's 3), but based on the disney version at this age.

Seen a couple of titles, but wondering if you know on this one:

whether the read along is a narration from the movie (including songs at all?) or a different rendition? Thanks

Eliot Palmer

Friday April 10, 2009

While I am humbly flattered by my 'Mowgli Hates Diapers' picture on DeviantArt that you added many moons ago, I also have done something similar here:

Only problem is that due to the Ober Gruben Fuhrer's on DA, I cannot upload the colored pictures on there and have tried a few picture sites, including my photobucket site, but it would not display the image in it's full HQ resolution.
So I am requesting a site that you can hopefully find somewhere that I can upload the pictures in full resolution & with a description/comments area too.


DW13 (aka. DTWX)

Wednesday February 4, 2009

Like your web, but miss one great illustrator: the spanish Juan Arranz, who made a real good comic of the jungle book in the comics "Trinca" in Spain. Have a look in the or in, and you will get some good images.

Hi Jose,
Thank you very much!
I added Trinca #1 (jbc:4004), Trinca #2 (jbc:4002) and Trinca #21 (jbc:4003)

Trinca #1Trinca #2Trinca #21


Monday November 3, 2008


send even one Mauglího, which I did, this time to ex libris. I like R. Kipling and The Jungle Book. Cordially health, Peter

Petr Minka

Sunday September 14, 2008

Hi! I dont have any suggestions for the webpage, but I have a favor to ask. I was wondering if you knew where I could track down one of the jungle book charm bracelets shown on this page. My girlfriend would LOVE one and I cant seem to find them! Thanks so much!

Hi Chandler,
Try a search at and use search term like "jungle book bracelets"...
It is possible to store your search and get an email automatically as soon as product becomes available (see the article "Ebay Source" in my wiki)



Wednesday August 27, 2008

hallo., ik ben me gek aan het zoeken naar jungle book behang. Ik had dat als kind vroeger ook zelf. Nu kan ik het zelf laten maken maar heb ik high res foto nodig van jungle book 9min 3 Mb) kan iemand mij helpen ajb? Hoor graag. bedankt alvast.


Wednesday July 9, 2008

I am so happy to finally see the entire collection of the twelve Limoges Jungle Book plates. I have one, the Elephant, it was my father's birthday cake plate when he was a little boy. I would be very interested in buying others from the collection. Please let me know if there is some way to discover someone who has these that would like to sell. Jane B

Jane Bowe

Thursday June 26, 2008

K heb even je italiaans plaatje gestolen ;)
Is toch nie erg he :P


Saturday May 24, 2008


I saw the Kipling plates and also a post of someone possibly looking to sell theirs. My Grandmother owned a set of 12. A family tradition was to use these plates for holidays and special occassions. We each had "our own" plate and had to eat enough dinner to read the passage printed around the plate at the end of the meal. My niece inhereted the set and over the years I've collected 4. I'm always interested in additions to my collection and would happily discuss purchasing plates from anyone interested in selling. They have a great deal of sentimental value.

Tish did also send photo's of the complete set of 12.
Mail to when you have some of these plates for sale, I will forward it to Tish.


Tish Noble

Wednesday October 31, 2007

Hi, regarding the Jungle Book mural I did for Claudia's nursery: The link is no longer relevant. Here is a new link: jungle book mural.jpg
Thank you and regards :-)

Dubi Preger

Wednesday October 31, 2007


bankje Ik heb nog iets van jungle book in de aanbieding ons huis is er te klein voor helaas. Het is een klein slaapbankje met de afbeeldingen van mowgli baloo en kha.

Voor meer info kun je mailen

Mail naar onder vermelding van "Bankje Natasja", en ik stuur je mailtje door.


bankje bankje
groeten natasja


Wednesday August 29, 2007

Viele Gre aus Deutschland!

Klasse seite!
Ich bin leidenschaftlischer elongated coins Sammler!!!

elongated coins from The Jungle BookHi Z-Mann,

Maybe you know about more elongated coins from the Jungle Book than the coins at jbc:2908 !?

Regards, Marc



Monday June 11, 2007


Weet jij of het kleine olifantje een naam heeft?


Hoi Maureen,

Ik weet niet anders dan dat ie 'Junior' genoemd wordt.

Groetjes, Marc


Thursday February 15, 2007

Hello Marc! Look here:

Greetings Majorian


Wednesday June 7, 2006

Link copied from the Wild at Heart site to the Mowgli lookalikes page, item jbc:3379
Three links received from Giros Vaulanis jbc:3372, jbc:3375 and jbc:3376.
As always you can have a look at the the Last modifications page for more.


Saturday April 8, 2006


Congratulation for the site, i'm really fanatic of the jugle book.

You made a very good job in the page...

Fernando Romero.

From: Chile

Fernando Romero

Thursday March 30, 2006

How would you like to have the option to see all images for a page without comment (example)
This maybe a bit too much for people with slower Internet connections.


Tuesday March 28, 2006

Lee M did sent me a link to one of the scariest-looking Mowglis ever seen (with a green wolf!).
See jbc:3249


Saturday March 4, 2006

excellent site. I have used this info for scouts


Wednesday February 1, 2006

I saw your Kipling plates for sale, and, like another one of your guests, my jaw dropped. They are beautiful and I would like to purchase some. Do you have any information on where you got these plates? Please, any information at all would be very helpful. Thank you.

Hi Ramon,

This site is not a selling site but rather an informational site. There is a link near the item when a selling address is known. (In this case the item was an auction at eBay, so it was only available there for a very short time)



Friday January 6, 2006

Just a quick note to let you know I've revamped the Wild at Heart homepage so most of the links are at the top. As always, any comments and opinions are appreciated.


Thursday December 1, 2005

Link to a nice and large image (jbc:2915) and a lot of Italian books added (found by Lee M -- Thank you!)
jbc:2920, jbc:2921, jbc:2922, jbc:2923, jbc:2924, jbc:2925 and jbc:2926



Wednesday November 2, 2005

Here's an eBay page I discovered featuring an alternative cover for "Classics Illustrated 83: The Jungle Book" (jbc:318). It's a nice big illustration, and I'll have to post it somewhere on the Wild at Heart site to preserve it.

Thank you! Nice scan.
I fixed a typo at jbc:393 (so that search would have worked on this one too :) and added links between jbc:318 and jbc:393.



Tuesday November 1, 2005

There is another Royal Doulton plate that you haven't shown on the collection pages. It is Kotick the White Seal, PN 15. I just purchased one, Item #7359911952. I don't know if you can get the photo from that. I purchased one before and it had a better photo. Let me know.

Thank you very much, it is now added. See jbc:2853.

Michael ROW

Friday October 28, 2005

De welpenleiders van onze scouts hebben namen uit "jungelbook". Twee er van zijn kotick en mang.
kunt u uitleg en afbeelding bezorgen aub

Twee pagina's toegevoegd aan JBWiki, Kotick en Mang.


Wednesday October 19, 2005

New (pmwiki) engine at the Jungle Book Wiki. Sometimes a bit slow, and the Dutch interface is not complete yet.
But give it a try. Extra Jungle Book information is always welcome.


Monday September 19, 2005

If there's one thing I can't stand it's people who pretend to be nice just so they can spam you. :-(

Lee M

Saturday September 17, 2005

This makes me speechless :) Very well done! http://---removed-url---


Tuesday August 30, 2005

I am looking to find the writers and publishers of the "Strange Behavior" song from "more Jungle book" Louis Prima sang it but I want to license it and nobody knows who ows it -- the names of the writers would be a great help. thank you

drucilla lawrence

Sunday August 28, 2005

You know, I've been toying with the idea of writing a Jungle Book screenplay. It would be kind of like a Peter Jackson adaptation, modernising the dialogue and maybe rearranging a few scenes. Then all I'd need to do would be to persuade somebody to produce it...!

Lee M

Saturday August 27, 2005

Hi Jeff,

I think it would be great (new Jungle Book movie), even if cgi (computer graphics) would be used. But the story of "Mowgli's Brothers" is already done in so much ways that I would prefer if this new movie was only used as start of the movie and one of the other Mowgli stories to make it more interesting for the current generation.
RedDog for example.


Friday August 26, 2005

mooiesite mijn complimenten


Wednesday August 24, 2005

I wonder if any film producer, besides Disney, would be willing to make a new Jungle Book movie but this time be as close to the original story. A small child nurtured by real wolves. The wolf pack inspecting and excepting the child. A real bear teaching the laws, a real panther giving the boy rides. It can be done and be exciting but under current animal rights groups, this movie would never be done.


Sunday February 13, 2005

haay jeroen!
k heb pas nog zo'n map gekocht!!!! fet coole
uhms.... bij bruna gekocht
k hoop voor je dat ze der nog te koop zijn want t is 3 weken geleden.......dus..... veel suc6 ermee!!!!!!!!!!
hoe oud ben je eigelijk? ik 11 (toffe site hr en de eigenaars hiervan suc6 ermee!!)
doei xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx maaike


Friday February 4, 2005

IK ben op zoek naar een ringmap of multomap van Jungle Book? Wie kan mij er aan helpen of wie weet waar ik die kan kopen.


Thursday January 27, 2005

Ik ben op zoek naar alles wat met Kaa te maken heeft. Als je wat weet mail me dan aub.

Groetjes Yvonne


Wednesday January 19, 2005

Thank you Karin,
You can find the mural now at jbc:2444.


Sunday January 16, 2005

Great web site.
Here more Mural pictures to add to your website.




Thursday January 13, 2005

Hey, I couldn't let Marc keep taking all the credit, could I? :-)

Lee M

Tuesday January 11, 2005

Thanks to Lee M.
He has submitted a large number of URLs with Russian book covers.


Sunday January 9, 2005

The Tresilian illustrations are some of the best ever.

Of all the manias, Tas has always been one of my favourites... :-)

Lee M

Tuesday January 4, 2005

Great site

The jungle book has always been very special to me and is one of those books that people seem to know but haven't read.

I am lucky enough to have just picked up a 1952 reprint of the 1933 Macmillian and Co "All the Mowgli Stories" with wonderful illustations by Stuart Tresilian.

cheers for Tasmania


Mike Marinos

Friday November 5, 2004

I am glad your website mentions my work -- Mowgli Ke Karname -- the first ever Hindi translation of The Jungle Book. It has been published by the Government of Madhya Pradesh -- the central Indian state where the Seoni jungles are located.

Sanjeev Datta

Thursday October 21, 2004

So you think you can win us over with philately? (pun)

Lee M

Tuesday October 19, 2004

ruil idee


Saturday September 11, 2004

When ever I come on this website I can just look up things for like the jungle book for like games,books,&other stuff too.You should look up on things that you like.

Echo Bernhard

Tuesday September 7, 2004

Google here


Wednesday July 21, 2004

Nice site... keep up the good work!

John Carter

Thursday July 8, 2004

Greetings from Estonia!


Thursday June 24, 2004

hallo wie heeft junglebook 1 op dvd [in het engels]voor mij te koop want ik ben er al een tijd naar op zoek. groetjes diana


Wednesday June 23, 2004

Is there any interest in a Jungle Book webring?

If anough people like it and send me an URL for a page to add in this ring, I will create one.
(If you know about a current Jungle Book webring, I join in)


Monday June 21, 2004

mijn email adres is

joey botbijl

Monday June 21, 2004

ik ben joey en bijna 4 jaar,pas heb ik een junglekamer,we zijn nog op zoek naar jungleboek spullen,dekbedhoezen en posters maar we hebben geen winkel ondekt waar we deze kunnen kopen,help ons alstublieft!!!wij wonen in zierikzee.of een adres waar we iets kunnen bestellen hiervan ,bedankt

joey botbijl

Thursday June 10, 2004

hi guys, for everywere


Sunday May 16, 2004

I would not change anything. I have only just discovered book collections online, and having seen the Ben Hur collection, the Univ. of Utah Jack London collection, and now yours, I am inspired to put my collection online someday. I do not focus on one title, although I may start, but I do specialize a little on Napoleon-related books, and also collect the Signet Classic paperbacks and Penguin paperbacks from the 50's and 60's, trying to get every title variation of stock number and cover picture for the Signets especially, going all the way back to their precursors, the Airmont Classics, also the various types of Penguins - the all blacks, the all greens, the all oranges, the gold with black trim, etc. I hope someday to have a good enough paperback collection to display online, or maybe to display my entire library online, although that might be too large already. I might, however, display collections on relatively arcane topics, like all the books on particular numbers, or all the books on a little-known historical event. You people have inspired me.

cliff hodge

Saturday May 15, 2004

Leuke pagina! Bezoek ook eens voor postzegels vanaf 1 cent en enkele honderden gratis produkten!

Monday May 10, 2004

10 Mei 2004
Wat een leuke site!
Ook mijn neef van 5 is helemaal wild van jungle book. Hij wil erg graag een DVD of VIDIO BAND van junglebook (alleen engels versie. Enig idee of die ergens verkrijgbaar zijn?(de ebay links in de site zijn helaas allemaal verlopen)
alvast veel dank!


Sunday April 18, 2004

mooie site.ik heb een vraagje,bij ons op de scouts volgen wij het thema van jungleboek van Kipling.Ik ben op zoek naar prenten van jungleboek. Kan iemand mij helpen
alvast bedankt


Tuesday March 23, 2004

Wij zijn op zoek naar de dvd van jungel book 1 tekenfilm hier in Maastricht is hij niet meer te krijgen naar zeggen .Wie kan ons helpen voor de kinderen.Mijn dank.


Tuesday March 16, 2004

Hello, I am looking for Jungle Book 1 on dvd, in dutch! Do you know where I could buy this dvd?
thank you in advance, anja

anja prakken

Sunday March 14, 2004

Most of the website giving the text of "JungleBook" for free.

Is is possible to distribute a fully formatted Word File with some pictures ??

Hope this will have more effect on the reader and the creator of Jungle Book...


Sankar Roy

Sankar Roy

Wednesday March 10, 2004

aan blablabla:

Ga eens naar de pagina links van deze site.

bv link jbc:967 lijkt me wel wat voor jullie.


Wednesday March 10, 2004

we vinden dat er meer kleurplaten in moeten komen wij hebben een opdracht voor nederlands en wij zoeken prenten van jungleboek kunnen jullie ons helpen?


Friday February 20, 2004

Does anybody know the difference between the Jungle Pals in jbc:1271 and jbc:181?


Tuesday February 3, 2004

very nice site


Wednesday January 28, 2004

Mooie site echt waar.
Ook een vraagje aan de echte jungelbook fans. Deze beren op deze site van 1966.
Zijn deze geld waard?

jbc:1089 Bagheera
jbc:1090 King Louie
jbc:1091 Junior, Vulture
jbc:1189 Kaa


Tuesday January 13, 2004

Jij als verzamelaar , kun je mij ook vertellen waar je deze speltjes kunt laten maken. mvg Bert

Bert Stakenburg

Monday January 5, 2004

Is het al gelukt om een dvd versie van Jungle Book 1 te bemachtigen.
Ik ben hier ook in geinterreseerd.

Waar is deze te koop of te huur?


Monday January 5, 2004


Wij zijn opzoek naar leuke plaatjes/posters om in te lijsten van jungelbook.
En we zijn opzoek naar een DVD van jungelbook 1 nederlands gesproken.
Wie kan ons helpen hieraan te komen.
alvast bedankt.


Monday January 5, 2004


Wij zijn opzoek naar de dcd van jungel book 1 nederlands gesproken.
Wie kan ons helpen.


Sunday December 14, 2003

ik ben op zoek naar de allereerste versie van het jungle book verhaal in t engels. het liefst een gebonden versie en niet een miljoenste aangepaste druk maar t orgineel. weet iemand misschien hoe ik hier aan kan komen?


Saturday December 6, 2003

Voor de chte Disney verzamelaar.
Lees volgende tekst. datum 5-2003-17-07

Toine Baars.

Friday December 5, 2003

Hallo,ik ben in het bezit van een puntgave film van Jungle Book (35mm)
en orginale bioscoopfoto's ,indien je echt interesse hebt mag je me mailen.

Toine Baars

Saturday November 29, 2003

It's cool that some experienced what it's like to be raised by wild (or semi-wild) animals. What always thrilled me was the fact that the boy rode the panther. To be 11 years old and ride a huge cat! I bet when he was younger he would have rode his father wolf too. Easier for the family to move around that way when he wasn't old enough to run on his own. Too bad there are no real wolf or panther riders.


Monday November 10, 2003

Ik zoek voor mijn lieve dochter jungle book 1 op dvd nederlands gespr.
Wie o wie kan me helpen


Wednesday October 22, 2003

Alexis: the Detmolds originally painted 16 illustrations from The Jungle Book which were published in a portfolio in 1903. They were reproduced in a 1908 edition of the book. There's a more recent US edition that only contains 8 of the 16 pictures, but all 16 were reprinted in the 1992 Macmillan edition, slightly early for the book's centenary. If your print is one of the original 1903 portfolio then I'd imagine it could be quite valuable, although I couldn't tell you the exact price.

Lee M

Monday October 20, 2003

I own a print of one of the Detmold's illustrations for The Jungle Book. The image is of the elephants, it is shown on this website on the cover of the 1990 edition. It is very old, but I can't find any others like it for sale. The dimensions of the image are 33.5 x 24.5 cm.

Does anyone know of others like this?

Thanks for your help.


Monday September 29, 2003

Hoi, ik ben op zoek naar de eerste DVD van Junglebook (uitgekomen in 2000). Wie kan mij daaraan helpen of een tip geven? Alvast dank, groet Miranda

Miranda |Mensink-Janssen

Wednesday September 24, 2003

Onze url is
Website De Abeel

Rene en Claudia

Wednesday September 24, 2003

Hallo ,wat een tegeke site is dit.
Ben helemaal weg van junglebook.
TOPPIE hoor!!!!
Neem ook eens een kijkje op onze website De Abeel, het is een site voor ieder wat wils met veel informatie voor jong en oud.
We zouden het leuk vinden als je rond gekeken hebt op onze site om dan ook een berichtje achter telaten in ons gastenboek.
Alvast bedankt daar voor.
Groetjes van de webmasters van website De Abeel uit Zoetermeer.

Rene en Claudia

Saturday September 6, 2003

Nice! I truly amused by your site


Friday September 5, 2003

J'au vu un livre que vous avez dit et qui sert  collectionner les pices europennes en euros ( copyright C4C; Belgique 2002; mise en page Frie Welvaert ). J'habite prs de Toulouse en France et j'aimerais savoir s'il m'est possible de m'en procurer 1 ( voire 2 ) et comment. En vous remerciant.

Grard Maillet

Friday August 22, 2003

Great dolls you have here.


Tuesday August 5, 2003

Wat een leuke site!
Ook mijn zoontje van 5 is helemaal wild van jungle book. Hij wil erg graag een junglebook lunchtrommel voor naar school. Enig idee of die ergens verkrijgbaar zijn? (de ebay links in de site zijn helaas allemaal verlopen)
alvast veel dank!

Does anybody know where I can buy a junglebook lunchbox?
thanks a lot!!!!

Sandra Hovens

Friday July 11, 2003

I am interested in your Jungle Book party supplies. Can I order them from you directly - the message I get from the ebay link states that the items have expired. Please let me know. Thanks.


Sunday May 25, 2003

Wat een prachtige site, ik wist niet dat er zoveel verschillende boeken, en items van verschenen waren

voor een leuk tweedehands kinderboekje
ga je naar gitonis boekenhoekje


Friday April 25, 2003

God bless you and your work! Have a great day! -- Peace!


Friday April 11, 2003

leuke vingerhoedjes zou graag weten waar je ze kan bestellen.
wil je ze nog duidelijker op je webpage hebben dan kun je ze ook op de scaner leggen.
veel plezier er nog mee.


Friday March 7, 2003

Cool site! Should you need more traffic, please consider


Saturday March 1, 2003

really nice website you have. makes it easy.

Joshua Chaudhary


Thursday February 27, 2003

wij vinden het tog en zijn 14 jaar

nathalie wllems en valerie verwimp

Thursday February 27, 2003

dit is echt cool en leuk
heel goede sit

nathalie wllems en valerie verwimp

Tuesday February 4, 2003

Premier Animation are a UK gallery who specialises in the sale of vintage and contemporary Animation Art. We ship Animation Art worldwide!! Huge selection of Animation cels, Animation drawings, sericels, limited edition cels, lithograph's, key master set ups. Vintage cels and drawings. All major studios - Disney, Warner Bros, Hanna-Barbera, Fox, De-Patie Freleng, Lantz. Visit our online gallery for some of the lowest prices in the world.

Premier Animation

Wednesday January 15, 2003


My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw your two Kipling plates. My mother has the entire set of 12 --bought by my grandfather at Tiffany's in N.Y. in 1918. The plates are in mint condition, and my grandfather was told that only 4 sets were produced (the other 3 of which supposedly belonged to Teddy Roosevelt, King George of England, and the artist --Mary Bacon Jones). My mother is thinking of selling them, but we've had little luck finding information. Where did you get yours? Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated. Dank U wel ! (spelling?) ~Heather, Tennessee, USA

Heather Joyner

Friday December 27, 2002

Bekijk het maar eens positief in 2003!


Monday December 16, 2002

Ik heb genoten!!
Al jaren op zoek naar van alles en nog wat voor de kamer van mijn zoon(jungle book)Nog tips voor adressen waar ik ook echt iets kan kopen?Bedankt!


Friday November 15, 2002

Ik ruim mijn verzameling boeken van Rudyard Kipling een beetje op. Ik heb dus wat boeken te koop, waaronder eerste en bijzondere drukken.
Mail me voor een lijstje.


Monday November 11, 2002



Saturday November 9, 2002

Nice site. My favorite Jungle Book character is Kaa, and I like both the 1942 version and the Disney toon.

Timothy C. Shanahan

Saturday October 19, 2002

Your collection is very wonderful
(Arrangement is very easy to see,too,and it is wonderful HP.)
It was being watched, and it was pleasant.



Thursday October 17, 2002

Mooie en interessante site! Bezoek ook eens voor nog meer verzamelplezier en postzegels vanaf 1 cent!

Sunday October 13, 2002



Tuesday July 2, 2002

I liked your random images but I was wondering if you knew how to get some pics of the vultures on the classic disney version? They're my favorite so that would be cool. And Ive looked everywhere and found the most variety here so thats why I'm just asking.


Wednesday June 12, 2002

Looking desperatly for more information on the Detmold illustratiions for the jungle book. I have a folio of 12 of the original lithographs but am missing 4. Would love to complete the set!. Loved site and found the most info here Thanks,

R. Starr

rick starr

Saturday April 20, 2002

Hello There! this is a great way to find out what is on the market.Do you own everything?Wouldn't you like to have it printed, I can help and add things out of my collection.
keep up the good work!

Mary Joyce Hardey

Wednesday April 17, 2002

I love jour site. but why not in dutch.
nice pictures.. lots of kisses anke


Thursday January 24, 2002

I would love to find some Jungle Book puzzles, preferably 100-500 pieces.



Wednesday January 9, 2002

I love your collection I do have over 300 items myself here in England


Monday December 3, 2001

Hi Marc,

I Like your site but I have some wishes,
- Add an option to get a Dutch version (you are in a .nl domain)
- Add (links to) larger images.
- Remove (or mark) dead links.

Ik vindt het een leuke site maar heb nog wat wensen.
- Maak een optie om de pagina in het Nederlands te krijgen (.nl domein)
- Voeg (links naar) grotere plaatjes toe.
- Verwijder (of markeer) verouderde links.

Ga zo door :)


Tuesday November 27, 2001

Nederlandse teksten mogen ook :)


Thursday November 22, 2001

Welcome to my guestbook.


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