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Monday May 16, 2011

I recently came across your site, and noted Jennifer Jones' contribution concerning the Mary Bacon Jones designed set. Interestingly, I have an incomplete set of the plates (specifically, 10 of the 12 plates produced. Ms. Jones noted that she knew of 5 sets--so I guess my set almost makes it 6? Does Ms. Jones know how many sets were produced? Great site by the way--still remember my grandfather reading to me from the jungle Book when I was young...!

T K Thorson

Thursday April 7, 2011

I made some "Mowgli Sketches" a few years ago, based from the Anime series, that mostly is done for the sake of anatomy practice.
Hopefully, these link will work:

Mowgli sketches Hi DTWX,

The links in your message did not work (and hereby removed)
I added a link to the proper yahoo group at your page in the wiki (DTWX)



Sunday March 20, 2011


Wednesday January 19, 2011


Ik ben op zoek naar de video van mowgli (shonen mowgli) in het nederlands, de eerste afleveringen. Ik zag hem hier ook al op de site staan maar kan hem niet echt vinden op het internet waar ik hem kan kopen. Heb jij misschien een tip? Ik zou hem echt heel graag willen. Dankje!

Hi Ellen,

Helaas heb je geen email adres ingevuld, dus kan ik je deze link niet mailen. Maar mogelijk lees je dit toch.
Op marktplaats staat iets aangeboden, (indien niet inmiddels verkocht)
Indien niet meer beschikbaar, zoek op of
Koninginnedag is met alle vrijmarkten natuurlijk ook een goed moment om de ogen open te houden.



Tuesday December 7, 2010

I'm sorry Jenn, I do not have the DVD. I decided not to get the DVD. However, I think you maybe able to buy it here....

If not you can watch the show for free at this website...

I hope I have helped you.


Thursday December 2, 2010

hi Cameron
i would love the english version of the Shonen mowgli tv series. please let me knowthe price & shiping. for canada


Saturday September 11, 2010

I found another website for to consider on the Jungle Book: Shonen Mowgli page.

It's an Indian website, but supposedly they sell the series in English.

Here's the address:


Friday June 11, 2010

who is Lala's mother in the "shonen mowgli" ?

johny bill

Friday April 2, 2010


I really enjoy this page. Do you know if there exists one for the lion king? Otherwise I was thinking of starting one, and I'd love some tips on how you got it all organized.


Thursday January 7, 2010

I thought i would get in contact with you as i am listing a Huntley and Palmers Jungle Book tin on e-bay that you do not appear to have in your collection.
I came across your site while doing some research on the item and thought you might be interested.
Kind regards. ab_dabs2007

Hi Abbie,
Thanks for your info,
One was already available at jbc:1256, the other is added now as jbc:4513


Abbie Taylor


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