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Sunday January 16, 2005

Great web site.
Here more Mural pictures to add to your website.




Thursday January 13, 2005

Hey, I couldn't let Marc keep taking all the credit, could I? :-)

Lee M

Tuesday January 11, 2005

Thanks to Lee M.
He has submitted a large number of URLs with Russian book covers.


Sunday January 9, 2005

The Tresilian illustrations are some of the best ever.

Of all the manias, Tas has always been one of my favourites... :-)

Lee M

Tuesday January 4, 2005

Great site

The jungle book has always been very special to me and is one of those books that people seem to know but haven't read.

I am lucky enough to have just picked up a 1952 reprint of the 1933 Macmillian and Co "All the Mowgli Stories" with wonderful illustations by Stuart Tresilian.

cheers for Tasmania


Mike Marinos

Friday November 5, 2004

I am glad your website mentions my work -- Mowgli Ke Karname -- the first ever Hindi translation of The Jungle Book. It has been published by the Government of Madhya Pradesh -- the central Indian state where the Seoni jungles are located.

Sanjeev Datta

Thursday October 21, 2004

So you think you can win us over with philately? (pun)

Lee M

Tuesday October 19, 2004

ruil idee


Saturday September 11, 2004

When ever I come on this website I can just look up things for like the jungle book for like games,books,&other stuff too.You should look up on things that you like.

Echo Bernhard

Tuesday September 7, 2004

Google here



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