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Jungle Book (jbc:416) Object
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Snowdomes jbc:416
Jungle Book
Jungle Book
by: Disney

Snow globe plays the tune "The Bare Necessities."

Inside of the water globe you will find the Orphan Mowgli along with his loyal partner/friend Baloo, & the be-boppin' orangutang King Louie!
The inside & base of the waterglobe is King Louie's ruins where he rules!
On the base of the waterball is Bagheera who watches over Mowgli to make sure he makes it to the Man Village safely without encountering the fearsome man eating tiger Shere Khan!
Shere Khan is also on the base of the water ball prowling around!!
They have finished the globe off with the Sly Hypnotic Snake Kaa!

Measures 8 1/2 inches High & 6 1/2 inches Wide!

source: eBay

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