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The Leopard's Cub (jbc:4757) Object
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Boeken (Engels) jbc:4757 English
The Leopard's Cub
The Leopard's Cub
year: 1979

First... there was "The Jungle Book"
Then... "Tarzan of the Apes"
and now... "The Leopard's Cub"
by Mike Johnson
164 pages

extra info: woensdag 10 november, 2010  (Mike Johnson)

Publisher: MAJJ Productions
A small private plane zipped across the Central African Jungles towards Nairobi. When it crossed the Ottawa River, fate interfered and sent it earthward never to rise again. Four-year old Kevin Edwards is plucked from the wreckage by L'Naura, a female leopard and raised among her litters as one of her own. And that new life was hard-earned, for even in a land of plenty, there were just as many times of drought, famine, sickness, and other ever present dangers that threatened the life of the little adopted cub. But under the protective eyes and persistent teachings of the savage L'Naura, young Kevin grew strong and wise in his beautiful but savage home.
Then on day he met man...


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