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On some illustrations the loincloth of Mowgli more looks like a diaper.
Have a look at one of the original sketches made for Disney's Jungle Book...

Some impressions by other artists...

Illustration "garamowgli" by esther

Illustration by 'timebaby3'

Illustration "Mowgli Hates Diapers" by 'DTWX'

Illustration by AD-SD-ChibiGirl

For The Jungle Book Collection I searched the Internet to see if there where 'Jungle Book' Diapers.
Other Disney figures are used as decor on baby diapers, but till now I did not find any disposable diaper with a 'Jungle Book' theme.

I did found some handmade diapers, one Russian, some for adult baby / diaper lovers, and a Jungle Book themed Diaper cake.
One brand did give a CD with Music of several Disney themes including The Jungle Book.
But still I found no brand making Jungle Book disposable diapers.
(click on the image for more info)


Disney (by BearWare)

Disney (adult)

Disney (adult)

Disney diaper cake

Disney themes CD
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