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To be able to show the variety of books, films and merchandise related to The Jungle Books, auction sites like eBay are a good place to search source material. There is only one problem, after a few weeks the bidding is over and the information is removed from the site.

If you find an item on the junglebook-collection site (or somewhere else) and like to buy it, eBay is a good place to go to.

Jungle Book Balloons
Jungle Book Balloons (jbc:1912)
  1. Go to (or ebay in your country e.g. for the Netherlands)
  2. Type your search keywords (the information given on the junglebook-collection site can give you a some help).
    e.g. You see a set of nice balloons (jbc:1912)
    type "Jungle book Balloon" in the eBay search box (without the quotes) [1]
  3. If the search shows you 'nothing', try selecting the option "Search title and description" and try again.
  4. If you think your searchs terms are OK but the object is not available, eBay has another nice option: to send you an email as soon as there is an item matching your search.
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