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Jungle Book reliefs

Prospect Park Zoo, Brooklyn, NY

Prospect Park Zoo entrance with Google Street View

Architect: Aymar Embury II. Sculptors: William Hunt Diederich (1884-1953), Frederick G. R. Roth (1872-1944), Emil Siebern (1888-1942), Brandts-Sobieski (18??-19??), Joseph Walter (1896-1987)

Location: Prospect Park Zoo. Subway: Grand Army Plaza, 2 and 3 trains; exit to west side of Flatbush Avenue and take Flatbush Avenue bus, B41 Kings Plaza, southbound to the zoo stop.

The thirteen Mowgli bas-reliefs are displayed on the Prospect Park Zoo’s two Flatbush Avenue entrance shelters and on the exterior walls of zoo buildings...

The zoo buildings and their sculptures have their origins in the Great Depression of the 1930's and its widespread unemployment. To provide people with work and wages the Federal Government funded construction projects nationwide. The Prospect Park Zoo was one of those projects. Thus the Mowgli Bas-reliefs are Brooklyn’s most visible "New Deal Art", the name for art works paid for by Federal agencies during the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

--Elmer Sprague, Brooklyn Public Monuments: Sculpture for Civic Memory and Urban Pride (Indianapolis, Dog Ear Publishing, 2008, ISBN 978-159858-582-7). amazon:1598585827

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