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Kaa the python is a fictional animal character in the Mowgli stories of Rudyard Kipling.

From Kaa's Hunting

"Then in that case, thou and I together, old hunter, might make him see reason." Here Baloo rubbed his faded brown shoulder against the Panther, and they went off to look for Kaa the Rock Python.
They found him stretched out on a warm ledge in the afternoon sun, admiring his beautiful new coat, for he had been in retirement for the last ten days changing his skin, and now he was very splendid--darting his big blunt-nosed head along the ground, and twisting the thirty feet of his body into fantastic knots and curves, and licking his lips as he thought of his dinner to come.
"He has not eaten," said Baloo, with a grunt of relief, as soon as he saw the beautifully mottled brown and yellow jacket. "Be careful, Bagheera! He is always a little blind after he has changed his skin, and very quick to strike."
Kaa was not a poison snake--in fact he rather despised the poison snakes as cowards--but his strength lay in his hug, and when he had once lapped his huge coils round anybody there was no more to be said. "Good hunting!" cried Baloo, sitting up on his haunches. Like all snakes of his breed Kaa was rather deaf, and did not hear the call at first. Then he curled up ready for any accident, his head lowered.

Kaa is one of the main characters in Kipling's the Jungle Book. He is an Indian Python (Python molurus) over 9 meters long, one of the most powerful animals in the jungle.
He is also one of the oldest, and he states that he was already huge when Hathi was still a calf. Intelligent and wise, Kaa becomes a friend of Mowgli after Baloo and Bagheera seek the snake's help to rescue the man cub from a gang of monkeys.
Later, Kaa helps Mowgli by suggesting a plan to get rid of the dholes, the dangerous red dogs that were about to destroy the jungle.

In the Disney version, Kaa was depicted as a minor villain who wanted to eat Mowgli. While Kipling's Kaa used a slithering dance to hypnotize his prey, Disney's Kaa used his eyes to do so. He was voiced by Sterling Halloway and by Alfonso Arau in the Latin American version.
Kaa is not exactly an evil character, but rather a hungry predator. Python snakes are known to eat people in occasion, and even in Kipling's book Kaa warns Mowgli not to go near him when he molts his skin, for he gets a little blind and could mistake him for prey.

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