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Mowgli's Story
Mowgli's Story

Mowgli's Story (1998)


Cast List

Marty IngelsHathi the Elephant
Brian Doyle-MurrayBaloo the Bear
Bhagavan Antle
Sherman HowardShere Khan the Tiger
Myles JeffreyOne of the wolf pups
Brandon BakerMowgli
Dee Bradley BakerBee, Elephant, Baboon
Fred SavageNarrator
Wallace ShawnTarzan the Chimp
Ryan TaylorYoung Mowgli
Stephen TobolowskyTabaqui the Hyena
Frank WelkerPorcupine/Baboon/Jungle Noises/Additional Voices
Clancy BrownAkela the Wolf
Ken Hudson CampbellWolf #1
Peri GilpinRaksha the Wolf
Eartha KittBagheera the Panther
Kathy NajimyChil the Vulture
Ashley PeldonTeen Raksha the Wolf
Nancy CartwrightSkunk, Macaws/Additional Voices


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