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Mysa, the leader of the buffaloes

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Mysa, the leader of the buffaloe. A fictive character from The Second Jungle Book (1895) by Rudyard Kipling

From The Second Jungle Book: How Fear came

"Ugh!" said Mysa, the leader of the buffaloes, from their sand-bank.
"Yes, Mysa, it was the buffaloes. They came back with the news that in a cave in the Jungle sat Fear, and that he had no hair, and went upon his hind legs. Then we of the Jungle followed the herd till we came to that cave, and Fear stood at the mouth of it, and he was, as the buffaloes had said, hairless, and he walked upon his hinder legs. When he saw us he cried out, and his voice filled us with the fear that we have now of that voice when we hear it, and we ran away, tramping upon and tearing each other because we were afraid. That night, so it was told to me, we of the Jungle did not lie down together as used to be our custom, but each tribe drew off by itself--the pig with the pig, the deer with the deer; horn to horn, hoof to hoof--like keeping to like, and so lay shaking in the Jungle.

From The Second Jungle Book:The Spring Running

“Uhh!” said Mysa the Wild Buffalo (Mowgli could hear him turn in his wallow), “That is no man. It is only the hairless wolf of the Seeonee Pack. On such nights runs he to and fro.”
“Uhh!” said the cow, dropping her head again to graze, “I thought it was Man.”
“I say no. Oh, Mowgli, is it danger?” lowed Mysa.
“Oh, Mowgli, is it danger?” the boy called back mockingly. “That is all Mysa thinks for: Is it danger? But for Mowgli, who goes to and fro in the Jungle by night, watching, what do ye care?”

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