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Oeun Sambat

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Oeun Sambat is a Cambodian boy living in the village of Sit Tbow.
Like Mowgli with Kaa in Kipling's The Jungle Book, Oeun has a close relation to a snake called Chamreun or 'Lucky'.
Other spelling Sambath Uon

Some pictures of Oeun Sambat in Chamreun's coils...

Oeun Sambat, 3 year old
Oeun Sambat
3 year old

Oeun Sambat, 6 year old
Oeun Sambat (photo Reuters)
6 year old
Oeun Sambat, 7 year old
Oeun Sambat (photo Metro)
7 year old

Superstitious villagers in the impoverished southeast Asian nation are flocking to see the boy, who they believe has supernatural powers and was probably the son of a dragon in a former life. (Chor Sokunthea/Reuters)

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