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Pamela Jekel

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Pamela Jekel American Author

The Third Jungle Book
The Third Jungle Book

Afterword in the Third Jungle Book,

Pamela Jekel is a writer and research scholar with a doctorate in English and a speciality in Victorian literature. Her special challenge was to create this continuation of the Jungle Book stories in the same way Kipling might have, echoing his style, the themes, even his punctuation . . . less in a spirit of imitation than homage.
She hopes and believes that wherever he is, whatever jungle path he walks now, he would approve.

TMaugli, Újabb Dsungeltörténetek
Maugli, Újabb Dsungeltörténetek
Treti Kniha džunglí
Treti Kniha džunglí

To be confirmed...

  • External Link (Same Pamela Jekel ?) [1]
  • Born 1948, Santa Monica, California
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