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The Third jungle Book

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The Third Jungle Book
The Third Jungle Book

The Third Jungle Book (1992) by American author Pamela Jekel is a collection of new stories about Mowgli written in a fairly accurate pastiche of Rudyard Kipling's style. The original English language edition ISBN:187937322X (jbc:683) includes illustrations by Nancy Malick.


  • Fire in the Jungle
  • Where the Elephants Dance
  • The Porcupine and the Poison People
  • Gargadan, the Great Rhino
  • In the Cave of Badur
  • Bagheera and the Spring Hunt
  • The Mad Elephant of Mandla
  • Jacala, Tyrant of the Marsh
  • The Ghost Tiger
  • Master of the Jungle
Maugli: Újabb Dsungeltörténetek
Újabb Dsungeltörténetek

There is also a Hungarian edition entitled Maugli: Újabb Dsungeltörténetek (Mowgli: the Third Jungle Book) (jbc:2408) and a Czech edition, Treti kniha dzungli.

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