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This To Do page shows a wish list of things to be done in the (near) feature. You can also see the status here.

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  • ----- Not started yet,
  • #---- Started,
  • ##--- Almost halfway finished,
  • ###-- Halfway finished,
  • ####- Almost finished,
  • ##### Finished.
C/WTo DoCommentStatus
CAdd ObjectsLots and lots of URL's and cached pages are waiting to be added to the site...#----
CDouble EntriesFind and cleanup double entries. Or -when not realy equal- link to each other...
jbc:2209 jbc:2713
jbc:2554 jbc:3053

by adding ?imgOnlyBo=1&complete=1 after the URL (example) they are easier to find...
jbc:2427 jbc:3135
CWiki tagsAllow some Wiki tags in guestbook and added info so that when for example [[Red Dog]] is typed in the guestbook there will become a link to the wiki page Red Dog.
status December 14, 2005: second attempt seems to work
CVersion filterAdd a filter in the The Jungle Book Collection so that visitors can select one of The Jungle Books and see only items based on that version.
status June 29, 2005: the needed information is added to most of the records in the local database.
status April 3, 2006: Selection layout test at [1]
You can see the base at each item by adding a cookie called 'BaseTest' with value '1'
(next links will set the cookie for about 2 hours or a year)
(cookie can be cleared by this link)
CLanguage filterAdd a filter in the The Jungle Book Collection so that visitors can select a language and see only items with given language.
Finishing this option has to wait for new layout (see below)
WStart WikiFill in JBWiki with lots of basic information about The Jungle Books (and try to find people who like to help)###--
CLayoutChange font (character type and size) and layout
status April 3, 2006: still experimenting. [2]
C+WMerge searchMerge search in wiki and collection.#----
CFilter searchFilter common words like 'the', 'and' but also 'jungle' and 'book' from search input to get better results.####-
CFix search scoresAn ongoing attempt to make search work better,
If you like to see scores calculated for your search result, type &showScore=1 at the end of the url
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